Moving Images

It Turns Out - Directed and edited by Olivia Curry. Words by ZAPATA. Shot by Jake Zalutsky. Produced in conjunction with Cinema Libertad. Screened at Palace Film Festival 2017.

BRUJOS - Producer, Editor, Second Shooter

BRUJOS is a queer-of-color web series about 4 gay Latinx male witches who are also grad students. They find out they are being hunted by a secret society of white, male, heteronormative descendants of the first New World colonizers who are kidnapping and eating people of color to stay alive. The Brujos must use their magical powers and grow their ranks of witches living on the margins of society to battle the evil that pursues them. BRUJOS is created by Ricardo Gamboa, and co-directed with Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke and Robert Stockwell. It is produced by Cinema Libertad in conjunction with Full Spectrum Features, and presented by OpenTV Originals.

I had the good fortune to produce Season I of BRUJOS as well as edit 3 episodes and occasionally shoot. Check out the trailer below and watch BRUJOS at